Wednesday, December 3, 2008

California Should Use Online Printing

Perhaps some of California's agencies could use online printing for their CPRA Brochures. They could easily create brochures that comply with the requirements issued by Arnie about Open Access. It would cost less to the taxpayers if they'd use a company like

The Brochure printing would even ship FREE. How could they not see the benefit? Perhaps they could even integrate an interface on their Public Records page FAQ on how to get copies of the guidelines and they could have the brochures sent out to the requester.

I know I'm getting way ahead of myself, but if the State during this fiscal crisis could find a way to spend less and save more, we'd see more of our potholes fixed. It wouldn't make sense to keep paying overpriced print shops when the cheaper greener alternative is available.

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Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Crazy Public Records

If you aren't checking out the Professional Public Records Guy blog then you're missing out on my postings. This blog was originally designed for California Public Records Act Requests but I've branched out to include FOIA and politics over at PRG. I hope you're following it. I've kept the style the same and am going to be covering more on Bernie Ward soon.

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Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Who Does Your Background Investigations?

This day and age, you never know who you're dealing with. It could be a vendor, a companion, a business partner, a venture capitalist, a new associate, etc. FULL DISCLOSURE is rarely a certainty.

So how do you find out if that person is who they say they are? You could hire me, as a Licensed Private Investigator to conduct an exhaustive and extensive background investigation, but what if you have multiple applicants, or need a smaller method to vet potentials? Consider Sentry Link. They offer a Background Check for only $19.95. I know, you're thinking, what can I get for $19.95?

You'll find out if the person is a sex offender and other felonies in their database. Their Criminal Background Check is "FCRA compliant for employment screening and tenant screening, including a consumer dispute mechanism. Many sites have misleading claims regarding FCRA compliance, creating serious legal risks for employers who use them."

The Criminal Check for California only covers 6 counties, so additional investigation will likely be necessary. A sample National Criminal Background Check Report shows that the report has quite a few details that will assist you in your endeavors. It's like having a document fetcher go and manually search the indexes, so that you can actually order the proper files and compare the details.

So WHO is Sentry Link? According to the BBB they have been in business since August 1, 2001, they are trusted by the BBB. Even I don't have that credential. I find the homepage to be lacking additional corporate information, etc. but the information provided by the BBB and searching online filings will show a strong papertrail of the organization. If you use them please let me know what you think of their services in the comment section.

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Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Pazer & Epstein | New York Attorneys

Brooklyn Law SchoolImage via Wikipedia


Are you in need of a personal injury attorney? Do you live in New York? If you answered yes to these two questions, then I recommend you check out the lawyers at Pazer & Epstein.

Pazer & Epstein P.C. has two named attorneys on their website. Perry Pazer is Chief Trial Counsel for the firm. He received his Bachelor of Science from Brooklyn College and his Juris Doctor from Brooklyn Law School in 1953.

Mark Epstein is the other lawyer listed on their site. His bio includes:

Mark Jay Epstein is an aggressive lawyer that fights endlessly to provide his clients with the representation and compensation they deserve. Mark has an impressive history with serving injured New Yorkers and remains active in a number of legal organizations.

Why hire Perry & Epstein? They offer over 50 years of litigation experience to their clients. This isn't just 50 years of being a lawyer or some document drafter, but rather litigation.

Injured victims contacting Pazer & Epstein receive a free initial consultation. This way, the lawyers can look over the case and determining the likelihood of getting compensation. They are then straightforward and honest with their clients about the strength of the case and how much money they feel they can get when taking the case to court. This way, their potential clients can make the decision that is best for them. In addition, they can count on the lawyers at Pazer & Epstein working hard for them, because they don’t get paid unless their clients get paid.

Their website lacks flashy graphics, but if their resume is as it says on their site, they could very well be a firm that would assist you in your recovery for your injury.

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Monday, March 17, 2008 is LIVE

The newest Public Records Blog is here. is a professional blog on obtaining public records under the FOIA and various State Public Access laws. You will also read various stories from one of California's leading Licensed Private Investigators. Subscribe to the FEED.

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Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Our Squirrel

Sorry this has absolutely nothing to do with PublicRecords but... This is our squirrel.

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Thursday, February 14, 2008

The Media is CLUELESS about Barry Bonds and the Real Issue

The Clear

So the media still has no clue about the legal issues facing Barry Bonds. Let me help EVERYONE OUT. It does not matter one iota whether Barry Bonds did steroids. He's not charged with possession of steroids, use of a performance enhancing agent, sales of a controlled substance. He's charged with perjury folks. Here's the Indictment. That's it. That's all there is to this.

The charges facing Barry Bonds are similar to those Kobe Bryant faced in Colorado. Do we remember? Kobe didn't say he didn't have sex with the accuser. He says it was consensual, so the issue isn't whether he did or didn't have intercourse with her. The issue was whether it was consensual.

Barry Bonds has gone on record saying he never "knowingly" took steroids. Keep in mind the "knowingly" aspect. There are so many angles to this, it absolutely astonishes me that the Media, particularly and KGO who have so called legal analysts make a big whoop-to-do about the fact that the Government in its response to Barry's Motion to Dismiss, state Barry Bonds tested positive for steroids in 2001. SO WHAT!!! Yeah he tested positive, because he was using "The Clear" and "the Cream". He may or may not have been "knowingly" using them. Greg Anderson may have never informed him of it. Who knows, but the issue is DID HE KNOWINGLY USE STEROIDS.

It's about perjury folks, that's all, nothing more, nothing less. On a completely side note, his record should stand because the batters using steroids were hitting a ball that was thrown by a pitcher using human growth hormone and steroids. It was a pretty even playing field.


Motion to Dismiss Indictment

US response to Bonds Motion to Dismiss

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